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Exterior Services


Maintenance United Building Services provides exterior building services in the Puget Sound area. We are maintaining hundreds of medium to high-rise buildings each year and have found that our customers benefit tremendously from all of the services that we offer.

The following is a basic listing and description of each one:

Window Cleaning

Our diversified operation offers professional high-rise window cleaning. This is a very important aspect of exterior building maintenance. When the glass is cleaned regularly, it dramatically enhances the overall appearance of the entire structure.

Our employees have, on the average, eight years of window cleaning experience. Our crews have been trained in the use of bosun’s chairs, ladders, boom lifts and mechanical stage platforms. We conduct monthly meetings to ensure that all of our employees are kept current on each and every safety requirement and procedure.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is used to clean exterior surfaces such as granite and cement. This type of washing removes the deep dirt and grime that builds up on every exterior surface, and it helps to restore the clean, bright and original appearance. We also pressure wash sidewalks, stairwells and courtyards in order to enhance their appearance.


Our professional caulking crews have been trained to specialize in the repair and maintenance of exterior caulking work. When caulking is done properly, it can help to alleviate damage caused by water. We can choose the right kind of caulking for your surface areas and needs.

Glass Restoration

By removing mineral build-up and other stains, you can help preserve the beauty and life of your glass. There are many methods of removing such stains, and we can suggest the one that is right for your property.

Waterproofing and Sealing

The application of waterproofing and sealing materials to the exterior surfaces can help reduce the damage caused by the Pacific Northwest’s climate. It can also prevent the unsightly staining that occurs by the leeching of materials from the surface of many buildings.

Exterior Building Inspection

Exterior building inspection is a vital part of building maintenance. By early detection of cracks in granite or the deterioration of caulking and mortar, we can help prevent serious damage to both the interior and the exterior of a building. As water works its way behind granite, bricks and tile, it loosens the grouting, mortar and caulk. This can actually dislodge portions of the building and lead to very serious problems. We can detect and repair such items before they become a problem.

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